Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get to Rydal by Public Transport?

You can get to within 400m or Rydal Hall reception by Train and Bus and if you do we’ll give you a 10% DISCOUNT for your effort! Catch the train to Windermere Station and then the #555 bus to Keswick which leaves around every half hour on a week day. It takes about 25 minutes to Rydal. Ask the driver to let you know when you get there.

Is the Yurt Waterproof?

Yes. There is high tech sail cloth, roofing membrane a thick layer of canvas between you and the elements. There is an outer decorative layer and an inner layer of insulating felt. When cooking you may create some condensation but the felt wicks this away quickly.

Is it suitable for children?

Yes, the accommodation and its surroundings make for a fantastic holiday for children. It also gives families the opportunity to share communal space together, which in our experience can really help build relationships. There’s also a great adventure playground a hop skip and a jump away for when both the kids and adults need some time apart! There’s also a smaller stream for building dams and canals or a larger one for swimming!

Do you Provide Towels?

We provide a tea towel for drying your dishes but you need to bring your own towels for showering.

Is it suitable for pets?

We do allow well- behaved pets in one of our yurts. As dog owners ourselves we know how important it is to find somewhere that accepts every member of the family. Conditions are as followed. Only one of our yurts is allowed pets No pets are allowed unless confirmed on booking. You must follow the following rules.

Pet owners clean up after their pet and dispose of appropriately.

Pets are kept on a lead/tether whilst at the Rydal Hall grounds as there are grazing sheep & other wildlife on site. ( there is a wood 100m away where they can exercise off the lead).
  • Rydal Hall management has the right to ask any pet owner to leave if these 2 wishes are not respected.
  • Bring your own duvet cover to put over our own. They are not allowed on the beds.
  • Cleaning of pets feet on entering the yurt.
  • Removal of any malted fur or feathers.
  • Pets claws are trimmed before arrival to prevent scratching of the wooden floor.
  • A Pet counts as a member of your party and this must not exceed six. No more then two pets in a yurt at anyone time.

How many does each yurt sleep?

Each yurt sleeps up to six easily. Our Public Liability Insurance will not allow more then this. Each yurt has a double bed, twin single beds and room for two to sleep on the floor. The beds have pillows and duvets and freshly laundered sheets. Additional guests need to bring their own carry mat and sleeping bag.

What do we need to bring?

You need to bring your own towels for a occupants and sleeping bags and carry mats for additional guests. Be sure to pack sensible clothes and footwear after all this is the Lake District. You may also want to bring food for that day or your whole stay depending on whether you're eating out or not.

Should we bring food?

If you want to bring food you will be able to cook in the Yurt. We provide a double gas hob, a grill and the utensils you will need. We have an on site freezer if you want to bring cool pack to chill food in the cool boxes. There is an excellent array of shops locally to buy food. We recommend Granny Smiths Organic Grocers , both local Butchers and the local co-op.

Do we need to bring bedding?

There are pillows, duvets and freshly laundered cotton sheets for the double and single beds.

Will we be warm enough if it gets cold?

Oh yes, we will provide a good size supply of firewood for your fire and all the type of accommodation are very well insulated. We promise you will be toasty warm as long as you tend your fire! Do however bring your own warm clothes and thermals for out and about. The Lake District has very changeable weather. In extreme cold we recommend that you bring extra sleeping bags for the early hours of the morning for when your fire has gone out.

What about toilets and showers?

There is a purpose built toilet and shower block that is cleaned regularly and is situated just 3 mins from your door.

What about disability access?

Please contact us so we can discuss specific individual needs

Are belongings in the accommodation secure?

The accommodation door can be locked and you will be given a key. However you are in a secluded corner of a retreat centre away from any footpaths and are unlikely to be disturbed. However we advise you to keep valuables on you or locked in your car. We assume no responsibility for the loss or theft of your possessions.

What’s the weather like?

The Lake District has some beautiful weather. It also rains. In the middle of winter it can be glorious and in summer it can be grey. And it can change between the two very quickly. Always expect the unexpected. Bring clothing for all conditions whatever time of year you visit. Don’t be put of by the clouds or rain. Some of the most dramatic and beautiful vistas of the Lake District are to be seen with swirling mists and cloud wrapped mountains. Check out:

Are there mice?

The field that the yurt is in is a very healthy meadow. Field mice are an intrinsic part of it’s ecosystem and I accordingly refuse to lay poisoned bait for them. We have installed sonic repellant devices to prevent them nesting in or near the yurts and provide mouse proof boxes to protect your food.

Do I need special clothes?

Bring warm and waterproof clothing for your stay. You won’t need them in the Yurt but you will need them to make the best of your stay in the Lake District.

What is there to do?

Statistics say that most tourists don’t go more then 500m from their car during a stay in The Lake District. What a tragedy. The Lake District is just the best location for a range of different style of breaks away. Whatever you seek, be it fun, adventure, culture, history, a chance to relax, read, write, paint, shop, eat out, and get a local late night lock in down the pub, listen to music. There are hundreds of drop dead beautiful places to commune with nature: Waterfalls, crags, woods, mountains, streams, beaches. Purpose made attractions for people of all ages are to found around every corner in the Lake District. There is a file in the yurt that has a list of suggested day outings for different weather condition. Only boring people get bored here!

Where can I walk?

There are an abundance of walks from the site that you can go on without having to get into your car. Do look up for suggestions or ask Ben on arrival.

Where do I park?

When you have checked in at Rydal Hall Reception which is the first turning on the right. Take the second road immediately after it that runs along a stone wall at the bottom of a wood. Drive past the Rambler’s Tea Shop , over the bridge and past the houses and park in the gravel car park. Take a look at the Rydal Hall map on the Contact Us page of this website.

Where are the nearest facilities: shop, petrol, cash point, etc?

There is a Tea Shop, Pub and Restaurant and pay phone in Rydal itself. You can stroll 30 minutes into the bustling tourist village of Ambleside (or drive for 5minutes). Here you will find everything you need: Shops, Banks, Off Licenses, Restaurants, Cinemas, Police, Doctors Surgery, Dentist, Tourist Information, Cafes and a whole lot more. See: and plan your trip before time.

Do you have a Cancellation List?

If the dates you require are already booked, then you can send an email to the link below, to be put on a cancellations list. Please note we will not read the email, but only reply to all if we get any cancellations.
Join The Cancellation List

Full Circle Activities

During your stay, why not treat yourself to a Full Circle adventure 'Experience' or a 'Wellness' session?
(also available to none-residents)

Packhorse Picnic, Adventure and Wellness Day
The Happy Ape
Meditate with Horses
Meditation and Breath Work in Nature
Calm Dogs Trust Training
Guided Walks
Foraging and Cookout Adventure
Breath Work and Wild Swimming
Axe Throwing

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