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Full Circle is run by Ben Atkinson and Katherine Beaumont.  Ben first fell in love with alternative camping when running summer camps for local children as part of an Eden Community Outdoors outreach program.  It took three years of research and planning to bring Full Circle Holidays into reality.  Now over a decade into the experience there is an abundance of guests rebooking and spreading word to make it a deeply loved destination.

Katherine and Ben love getting to know you.  Ben is happy to be of service at the cabins and can arrive quickly on his quad bike if there is anything you need.  Give Katherine a call if you want to chat about experiences and what might be the optimised package for you and your friends or family.

Katherine Beaumont

Katherine joined Full Circle in February 2020 and set up Full Circle Experiences and Wellness.  Katherine, a therapist, mediation teacher and animal trainer is the brain child behind Meditate with Horses which she has now run for 10 years and growing in increasing popularity.  This is a unique experience researched and realised by Katherine after years of studying meditation and the effect it has on horses and how it can be used in therapy.  Katherine’s  life-long love of animals drives her belief that they can show us how we truly are and lead us to wellness.

For some people its a beginning.  Experiencing the wild beauty of the environment alongside the wellness experiences can bring them, full circle, back to a more playful, more joyful space. Katherine loves to see people reset themselves and come lighter and rejuvenated.  People come back time and time again to deepen their sense of wellness and become glowing versions of themselves.  They expand their journey through attending Katherine’s retreats and trekking holidays which she now runs in Romania and Mongolia.

Katherine Beaumont Level 3 Safeguarding Children

Ben Atkinson

Full Circle Activities

During your stay, why not treat yourself to a Full Circle adventure 'Experience' or a 'Wellness' session?
(also available to none-residents)

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